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Tensions between India and its eastern neighbor, Bangladesh, have come to a head in recent weeks with riots breaking out across West Bengal over an obscure (and seemingly random) disagreement. Here’s what’s going on. If you’re wondering what’s behind all of these recent tensions—and why there have been so many riots—it may help to start with a brief history lesson on India-Bangladesh relations. What started off as a friendly tie between two countries that share an enormous border has increasingly become contentious over time, owing to frequent tensions at their shared borders and territorial disputes. The latest bout of rioting across parts of West Bengal seems to be rooted in these issues but is rooted in more specific local grievances as well.West Bengal

West Bengal think about Pakistan ?

Many Pakistanis are convinced that India and its people hate them. The neighboring country has long been plagued by disputes over land, borders and religion – so it’s understandable if many feel a little unwelcome. Yet, an astonishing 40% of Indians say they would accept a Pakistani as their neighbor. And roughly half say they have no problem with Muslims from any country living in India. This is surprising because many citizens believe their country is under siege from Pakistani terrorists—and that hatred for all things Pakistani permeates society. But these views tend to be held only by older generations; those born after 1990 are far more open-minded about peace between these nations.

Why does Pakistan treat its women so badly?

In Pakistan, violence against women—including domestic violence, honor killings, acid attacks, and forced marriages—is all too common. But since Pakistan’s Supreme Court recently ruled that a man convicted of raping a minor can’t be executed because he was 15 at the time of his crime, some activists are worried that things will only get worse for women in the country. And there may be a good reason to fear that outcome: Pakistani law already permits men to commit honor killings with impunity; they just have to convince a judge their victim dishonored them in some way. Even then, they’ll often get off with little more than a small fine or short prison sentence.–West Bengal

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