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Most Indians think of Bangladesh as a nation that is separate and distinct from their own. It is an other on their country’s borders, both culturally and geographically, who are similar in many ways but also very different from Indians. Much of what makes India and its culture so unique stems from its long history as a unified nation compared to other South Asian countries like Pakistan or Nepal which have not been able to retain their national identities for as long. For most Indians, much of their identity comes from being born there and having family roots that go back generations.

What do Pakisani think about indian?

If you do some quick Google searching, it’s easy to find a lot of angry commentary about India and Indians. One blogger, who describes himself as a Pakistani Hindu living in Karachi wrote that Pakistanis hate Indians not because they are Indian but because they are Hindus and their malevolent actions have made them so hated by other countries including ours! While he didn’t specifically use racial slurs or curse words when describing Indians, it certainly appears that many Pakistanis hold negative attitudes towards India and its citizens. On Reddit, one Pakistani user mentioned that he faced abuse from Pakistanis when he went to India as part of his job. Another said he was shocked to discover many Pakistanis carry animosity towards anyone who is not a Sunni Muslim.

What do Pakistani think about Bangladesh?

A survey by a leading Pakistani newspaper shows that most Pakistanis believe India is pushing their country into a war with its historic rival. The survey also revealed that 86 percent of Pakistanis view India unfavorably, as opposed to 83 percent just two years ago. The continuing tension and strained ties between New Delhi and Islamabad have pushed many Pakistanis to side with Dhaka. Another surprising revelation was made about how East-Pakistan (now Bangladesh) separation in 1971 is perceived in the country; only 14 percent expressed regret over it, while more than 50 percent expressed satisfaction at seeing it gone. Pakistan has been in conflict with India since 1947, when Britain’s partition plan divided South Asia into Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-majority India after both countries gained independence from colonial rule.

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