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Recent studies have shown that playing games can help ease anxiety, depression, trauma, even chronic pain. It’s no secret that humans love interacting with technology—and virtual reality is just another form of doing so. But when people are encouraged to pretend something is real (even if it isn’t), they react physiologically in ways similar to those involved in real experiences. For example, surgeons who used VR technology before operating on patients saw fewer critical mistakes during surgeries than did doctors who did not use VR before performing operations. When people believe a situation is real (even if it isn’t), their responses are more realistic than usual as well.—-Video games are therapeutic

Gamers have lower stress levels

A study out of Stanford University found that gamers who reported being highly stressed had significantly higher concentrations of cortisol in their saliva—an indicator of stress—than their gaming counterparts. Plus, players with more experience had lower cortisol levels than those who played less frequently. There’s a possible link here: It’s been theorized that acting out stressful situations in a game can help your body handle pressure better in real life. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

Gaming improves eye-hand coordination

Part of what makes playing games so beneficial is that they can help people develop stronger hand-eye coordination. That said, playing games (such as a flight simulator or a first-person shooter) that have you manipulating controls to fly an airplane or wield weapons at opponents can be a good way to improve your real-world hand-eye coordination skills too. While studies show that gaming isn’t good for your eyesight, it’s important to note that is mostly due to prolonged use – like anything else, taking breaks is incredibly important. If you want even more proof about gaming’s benefits for hand-eye coordination, try making these 8 old video game challenges part of your daily workout!–Video games are therapeutic

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