Natural Justice means the Social Justice,Substantial Justice or Fundamental Justice violation of which may cause the contravention of fundamental rights.We’ll be able to utilize the fundamentality and simplicity of natural Justice if we go through the following scholastic definition:

According to Magery,”It is Justice that is simple and elementary,as distinct from the Justice that is complex,shophisticated and technical”

In the word of Prof.Wade,”Natural Justice means the name given to certain fundamental rules which are so necessary to the proper excercise of power that they are protected from the Judicial to the administrative sphere”.
Albeit the concept of natural justice also differs from country to country,only the concept of fair play of action may be the same.To ensure the fair play the adjudicating authority in any country or region must have to follow the below mentioned two principles:

     1.Nemo debet esse judex in propria causa.
     2.Audi alteram partem.

Now let’s talk about the proposal of violation of first principle which means no one can be a judge in his own cause from Israel in case of enquiry of Shireen Abu Akleh’s death.

Shireen Abu Akleh,a Palestanian-American journalist of Al Jazeera,was shot dead by Israeli forces while doing her job,according to journalist who were there.She had been shot in the head while wearing a helmet and bulletproof vest clearly marked with the word “PRESS”.The Al Jazeera authority considers this something intentional because the bullet hit exactly the area under her ears where there is no cover.Albeit Israeli government tries to cofer the liability to the Palestanian forces by posting a video,the investigating agencies specially the B’Tselem,Al Jazeera and Bellingcat come to the conclusion that this video doesn’t provide good ground in defense of Israel rather it goes in support of Palestanian forces.Then the Israeli government has acknowledged that Shireen could have been killed by its own forces,and suggested a joint investigation with the Palestanians which was refused by the Palestanians.

Here the Israel should not be allowed to be a part of the investigation of Shireen’s death because they are the alleged accused and the accused or criminals can’t investigate themselves.The principle of Natural Justice “nemo debet esse judex in propria causa” will not only be applied in judicial or quasi judicial matters but also in the administrative enquiry because the investigating proceedure contribute a lot in case of ensuring justice.

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